Tutor Mate Meet & Greet: 1st & 2nd graders meet their online tutors!

  • IMG_5032
    Ms. Sergeant's tutors
  • IMG_5035
    Mrs. Gurin's tutors
  • IMG_5043
    Mrs. Jackson's tutors
  • IMG_5047
    Tutor Mate Tutors
  • IMG_5049
    Flagstar Tutors
  • IMG_5052
    ATT Tutors
  • IMG_5053
    Students meet their tutors
  • IMG_5054
    Meet and Greet
  • IMG_5056
    Students meet their tutors
  • IMG_5057
    Students meet their tutors
  • IMG_5058
    Students meet their tutors
  • IMG_5060
    Students meet their tutors
  • IMG_5062
    Meet & Greet
  • IMG_5063
    Students meet their tutors
  • IMG_5064
    Students meet their tutors
  • IMG_5065
  • IMG_5067
    Students putting a face to the voice that has helped them all year.
  • IMG_5068
    Meet & Greet

The Tutor Mate program has ended another successful year at RBA.  Select 1st and 2nd grade students from Ms. Sergeant, Mrs. Gurin & Mrs. Jackson’s classes were assigned an online reading tutor to improve their skills.  The tutors called their individual students once a week via the internet and held an online tutoring session.  Today, the students finally had a chance to meet the voice on the end of the line with our annual Meet and Greet.  All of the participating tutors were from Flagstar Bank and ATT and Innovations in Learning coordinate the entire program with the school.




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