PACSA at the “Up Up and Away with RBA” Open Doors Day


Parent Advisory Council on Student Achievement (PACSA)

We have an active PACSA organization that meets twice a month on Thursdays.  The meetings are scheduled from 9:00-11:00 or 4:00-6:00 to accommodate parents; schedules. The organization works together to discuss the needs of RBA and organizes monthly workshops to address family issues and student concerns.


2015-2016 Parent Workshops

Teaching Your Child How to Handle Bullies and Not to Bully
Youth: Motivation & Learning
Truancy: How Student Absences Effects the Educational Progress
Organizational Solutions & Time Management
Family Conflict: Conflict Resolution & Mediation Skills
Eliminating Stereotypes and Promoting People Tolerance
Unleashing a World Class Student Through Goal Setting
Behavior Modifications: The Key to Influencing Positive Behaviors
 Overcoming Abuse and Violence
 Developing a Wealthy Mindset
What to Do When the Assistance Runs Out
 The Dangers of Social Media and Student Development
 Meet the Attorney
 Getting Your Child College Ready
 Parent Field Trip: Spring Valley Trout Farm
 3 Simple Steps to Less Stress and Family Management


 2015-2016 PACSA Officers


Kevin Sangster
Vice President
Tannia Walls
Lawanda King
Tailbah Smith
 Sergeant of Arms
 Grace Yancy

Contact Kevin Sangster for additional information:


Parent Resources

 Parent Advisory Council on Student Achievement
 DPS Anti-Bullying Policy
 DPS Student Code of Conduct
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