Staff Directory

Tina Brown, Principal
Julia Pitts, Assistant Principal
Administrative Assistants
Sandra Pettway
Jacqueline Zarzycki


Denise Campbell
Julie Detmer
Sunya Harris
Rochelle Hayes
Carrie Selva





Addie Allen
Melanie Feagin-Arthur
Sharon Metoyer
Ora Sims


First Grade

Cheyanne Hunt
Victoria Molesworth
Kathryn Sergeant
Saleemah Ware


Second Grade

Rosemarie Gurin
Ruby Karim
Sonia Mack
Sharese Coleman


Third Grade

Aundrea Bradford
Valerie Reed
Stephanie Sherman


Fourth Grade

Rolanda Matthews
June Reed
Maria Shadbolt

Fifth Grade

Sheila Clark
Nicole Davis
Robin Leslie



Sixth Grade

Montinique Davis
Deborah Spradley

Seventh Grade

Cindy Hill
Audrey Strong

Eighth Grade

Phillip Campbell
Venicia Valentine
Special Education
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Cognitively Impaired (CI) Constance Major
Early Childhood Developmentally Delayed (ECDD) Lashawn Pope
Zazai Owens
Learning Disabled (LD)  Rachel Bellovich
 Physically and Otherwise Health Impaired (POHI) Christopher Berryhill
Karla Kinney
Resource Room Roshanda Jones
Cynthia Taylor
Zakiya Jackson


Special Subjects

Art Michael Hillie
Michael Benson
Science Jennifer Edwards
Support Services
Counselor Laticia Swain
Psychologist  Mark Bolton
Social Worker Ursula Robinson
Speech Therapists Jennifer Bliss
Tricia Kirck
Occupational Therapist
 Title I Jessica Rollins
Valerie Sargent









Additional Support Services

Attendance Agent Michael Bellovich
Department of Human Services Yvonne Davis
Food Services